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Norwalk Boxing

507 Westport Avenue, Norwalk Connecticut   -   1-203-454-2699   -   CT's TOP BOXING GYM!!!


Norwalk Boxing is...

- A place where anyone can be a boxer
- Unique and simple at the same time
- Training like a competitor without competing
- Training to be a competitive boxer
- Learning practical self defense
- Developing muscle tone
- Building physical endurance
- Ultimate core training
- Learning coordination and body alignment
- Personal training & group class excitement
- Pure boxing!!! - Pure tradition!!!


Calasanz Training a student in the different aspects of the Norwalk Boxing system.

Calasanz developing power and grounding with a boxing student.


If you want to learn boxing, but get much, much more; then Norwalk Boxing is the place for you. With over 30 years experience, a facility that is over 12,000 square feet, two boxing rings, a full weight training section with the most modern equipment available, and more heavy bags than you can shake a stick at; Norwalk Boxing has it all! Give us a call at 1-203-454-2699 or click the Free Trial Class link to get you started on the path to achieving your boxing and fitness goals!!!

A Testimonial:

Erica Celini

Erica Celini

I joined Norwalk Boxing because I wanted to learn how to box the right way, and as a result of my training so far, I've ended up getting into the best shape of my life. In my opinion what sets the Norwalk Boxing apart is the overall approach to the instruction. You can burn calories anywhere, but at Norwalk Boxing you aren't just mindlessly going through combinations for an hour, you are being taught practical self defense, proper coordination of the techniques, building core strength, developing muscle tone, building endurance, balance and grounding.

Norwalk Boxing is also a great place to workout. They have a huge facility which is rivaled by none. The gym has a system in which anyone at any level can learn, and I feel this makes for a comfortable, yet challenging situation. I'm an ecstatic about joining Norwalk Boxing and plan to train here for years to come.